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android – Expo Location Geofencing with Process Supervisor not working (SDK 49)

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I am utilizing Expo (49) Location Geofencing with Process Supervisor, and for some purpose, the background process does not get registered regardless that it is outlined within the world scope (in App.js).
Moreover geofencing, background notifications, and site providers get efficiently registered utilizing Process Supervisor, aside from that one.

Calling await TaskManager.isTaskRegisteredAsync(GEOFENCING_TASK) returns false, and I am not in a position to debug it and get no errors returned.
I am utilizing bodily gadgets, each iOS and Android, testing it with the expo-dev-client construct, and it does not work with both of these.

I made certain that I’ve set background location permissions to ‘All the time’,
set all permission messages in ios.infoPlist
set android.permissions to
set “UIBackgroundModes” to [“location”, “fetch”, “remote-notification”],
set “isAndroidBackgroundLocationEnabled”: true, and “isIosBackgroundLocationEnabled”: true,

I’ve supplied not more than 20 areas utilizing
await startGeofencingAsync(GEOFENCING_TASK, areas)
handed areas as an array of applicable objects:
{identifier, latitude, longitude, radius, notifyOnEnter, notifyOnExit}
and I’ve not set any battery-saving choices or some further settings that might stop geofencing from working.

I do not know if there’s anything that needs to be checked upon or arrange; the code for initializing geofencing is fairly easy, however following the whole lot from the documentation hasn’t led me to success.

Additionally, is there any limitation for the radius (required minimal)? If I begin geofencing and I am already inside an outlined area, ought to an “ON ENTER” occasion instantly get known as?”

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