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On this put up, we are going to learn the way we are able to use iOS sdk Storekit framework to ask for app retailer ranking. With the assistance of SKStoreReviewController we are able to present consumer a pop as much as charge our iOS app, that’s too with out leaving the app. Earlier, we open the app retailer app and ask consumer for app ranking. So allow us to begin utilizing Storekit framework to let consumer ask for app retailer ranking.

Issues to remember whereas including app ranking pop up utilizing SKStoreReviewController

  1. App ranking alert can be proven 3 instances throughout a interval of one year.
  2. Don’t set off the app ranking alert on a button click on, as a result of it might or might not present the alert.
  3. App icon is managed by SKStoreReviewController, and fetched out of your app element on iOS app retailer.
  4. SKStoreReviewController is out there in iOS 10.3 and above.

Steps to indicate app ranking alert in iOS utilizing SKStoreReviewController

Step 1: Import StoreKit framework

Step 2: Open your swift class, the place you need to implement this app ranking alert. Create a operate to request assessment pop up usingSKStoreReviewController class. Under is the code for asking app ranking pop up.

import UIKit
import StoreKit

class ViewController: UIViewController {

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        // Do any extra setup after loading the view.
    func requestAppReview() {
        if #accessible(iOS 14.0, *) {
            if let scene = UIApplication.shared.connectedScenes.first as? UIWindowScene {
                SKStoreReviewController.requestReview(in: scene)
        } else {

Since requestReview is deprecated in IOS 14.0 and onward. So we are going to use, requestReview(in: scene) operate launched after iOS 14.0 and onward. That’s it and we now have applied app ranking pop up in our iOS app. You will notice a pop up in your app like this (please ignore the app icon because it’s taken from app that’s already on iOS app retailer).

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