EAS replace; modifications not seen within app

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I’m attempting to use a hotfix to my iOS software (which makes use of React Native).
When visiting expo.dev the replace appears to be utilized succesfully, though reopening the app again and again doesn’t end result within the hotfix being utilized.

Replace data

  • Department: grasp,
  • Runtime model: exposdk:49.0.0
  • Platforms Android, iOS (Android is irrelevant on this case)

Department data

  • Title: grasp
  • Newest replace: the replace which I had utilized, this appears to be appropriate

Channel data

  • Title: grasp
  • Linked branches: grasp

Deployment data

  • Exposdk: 49.0.0
  • Channel: grasp
  • Department: grasp

package deal.json data

  • expo-updates model ^0.18.12 is used

eas.json data

    "cli": {
        "model": ">= 3.13.1"
    "construct": {
        "improvement": {
            "developmentClient": true,
            "distribution": "inner"
        "preview": {
            "android": {
                "buildType": "apk"
        "manufacturing": {
            "channel": "grasp"  
    "submit": {
        "manufacturing": {}

app.json data

      "expo": {
        "ios": {
          "supportsTablet": true,
          "bundleIdentifier": "com.pasjesapp.ios",
          "icon": "./property/icons/ios-icon-1024x1024.png",
          "buildNumber": "1.0.8"
        "further": {
          "eas": {
            "projectId": "MYPROJECTID"
        "runtimeVersion": {
          "coverage": "sdkVersion"
        "updates": {
          "url": "<https://u.expo.dev/MYPROJECTID>"

eas replace --branch grasp --message "MYMESSAGE" that is the command I run with a purpose to replace the app.

The iOS preview from expo.dev exhibits the proper hotfix being utilized.

===== Anticipated end result =====
The hotfix is utilized to the iOS app after closing it a 2 to five occasions.

Hope anybody might help!

What I’ve tried

  • including a distinct replace
  • checking the department, replace, channel
  • checking to see if the configuration is appropriately setup
  • following the debug steps on https://docs.expo.dev/eas-update/debug/?redirected
  • checking different stackoverflow posts about points similair to this one

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