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Launched this previous summer season of 2023, the DJI Air 3 is a succesful replace to the two-year-old feature-packed DJI Air 2S.

One of many fundamental areas through which the Air 3 has been upgraded can be the impediment avoidance sensors.

As a substitute of a four-way impediment avoidance system, like its predecessor, the DJI Air 3 has omnidirectional impediment avoidance.

This new system ensures the Air 3 has 360-degree impediment avoidance safety. With this new system additionally comes different updates and additions to the present security choices for the Air 3.

This text and the included YouTube video will talk about the assorted security options of the Air 3 and present tips on how to:

  • Arrange impediment avoidance
  • Set RTH (Return to House) choices
  • Replace the house level
  • Set the Air 3’s most altitude
  • Allow augmented actuality (AR) settings and extra

The Security Tab

To entry and modify the security options of the DJI Air 3, you will have to be within the Security tab to make the mandatory changes.

To entry the security tab, each the Air 3 and DJI RC 2 or RC-N2 will must be powered on and linked to the DJI Fly app.

Go into the Fly app menu/choices within the Digicam View display screen by tapping the three dots within the higher right-hand nook.

You’ll wish to be within the Security Tab. In case you are in one other tab, merely press the Security tab.

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Flight Help

The primary space we’ll be is the Flight Help choices. These embrace:

  • Impediment Avoidance Actions
  • Bypass Actions
  • Show(ing) Radar Map

Impediment Avoidance Motion

The impediment avoidance motion is damaged into three separate choices and determines the habits of the Air 3 when obstacles are detected.

Picture Credit score: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

Earlier than flying, you’ll wish to outline what the Air 3 will do as soon as it approaches an impediment.

The out there actions are:

  • Bypass – When enabled and controlling the Air 3, the Air 3 will robotically go round detectable obstacles. If there isn’t any out there method to take action, the Air 3 will then hover till motion could be taken by the drone pilot.
  • Brake – When the brake motion is enabled, the Air 3 will robotically cease and hover when encountering obstacles. You’ll then have the ability to decide the most effective plan of action to take.
  • Off – Turns off all impediment avoidance techniques. With this motion, the Air 3 can run into obstacles within the setting. Some drone pilots, like myself, use this selection when flying in tight areas.

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Bypass Actions

Baypass Actions dictates how the Air 3 behaves when bypassing obstacles.

  • Regular – The Air 3 will search for objects and obstacles earlier than reaching them, staying a secure distance from the impediment(s).
Picture Credit score: Dan Bayne/Droneblog
  • Nifty – That is form of like Cine mode for the Bypass motion. When enabled, the Air 3 will keep away from obstacles with extra laid-back and easy actions. Nevertheless, this Bypass possibility has the next probability of colliding with obstacles.
Picture Credit score: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

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Show Radar Map

The Radar Map (which could be toggled on and off) is an on-screen assist used to shortly provide you with a warning to how shut the Air 3 is to things.

That is finished by means of using the colours orange or crimson, relying on how shut the drone is to an object.

When near an object the radar turns orange and steadily turns to crimson because the Air 3 flies dangerously near the item.

Picture Credit score: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

The Radar Map is especially helpful for individuals who flip off all impediment avoidance and fly shut to things within the setting, or fly by means of tight areas and areas.

On the naked minimal, the Radar Map will give a visible warning of obstacles.

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Return to House (RTH)

Return-to-home (RTH) will return the Air 3 to the recorded house level with none extra enter from you.

On this part, you’ll wish to set the choices for Superior RTH.

Superior RTH

Picture Credit score: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

There are two settings out there for Superior RTH. These RTH settings are:

Optimum Superior RTH

When in Optimum Superior RTH, the Air 3 plans the most effective route for it to get house, no matter any RTH peak choices beforehand enter.

It’ll regulate its peak to get above, under, or round any sort of impediment or interference sign within the space that might disrupt a profitable RTH.

With the optimum setting chosen, the Air 3 will use the straightest and most direct path to RTH to save lots of on battery energy, which in flip will increase the period of time the Air 3 can fly.

This will likely probably even save the Air 3 if the batteries are low.

Whether it is too darkish for the Air 3’s imaginative and prescient sensors, the Air 3 will default to a variation of Preset mode, with preset altitude choices, which we’ll have a look at.

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Preset Superior RTH

On this mode, the Air 3 will return house on the preset peak.

As a rule of thumb, I set my Auto RTH Altitude to 30 ft or so above the very best impediment wherever I is perhaps flying for the day.

If the Air 3 is in Optimum Superior RTH when the lighting circumstances are too poor for the Air 3’s imaginative and prescient system to see its method house, the Auto RTH Peak will likely be used.

Auto RTH Altitude

The Auto RTH Altitude is a vital choice to set.

The reason being that within the occasion of an emergency (we’ll contact on this shortly), you’ll need the Air 3 to have adequate peak when returning house.

As a rule of thumb, it’s all the time good to set your return-to-home peak a good bit larger than the tallest obstruction in your space.

Picture Credit score: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

Some merely set their RTH altitude to the most flight ceiling in america (400 ft) and simply go.

This may be harmful if the Air 3 is returning house and there are low-flying plane within the neighborhood.

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Replace House Level

Updating the house level means that you can change your property level from the place it was robotically set within the DJI Fly app upon buying a GPS sign, and set it the place you need it.

That is particularly helpful if you end up shifting from one location to a different quickly whereas flying, maybe when on a ship or one other shifting object.

The house level can solely be moved as soon as the drone is within the air and has a full GPS lock.

To replace the house level:

STEP 1: Whereas within the air, press the arrow to the best of Replace House Level.

Picture Credit score: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

STEP 2: A map of your rapid location will populate the middle of the display screen. Drag the display screen till the yellow H strikes to your new desired house level location. When finished, merely press OK, and the brand new house level will likely be up to date.

Picture Credit score: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

When you’d wish to set the house level again to the place it was, merely do the above steps in reverse.

It’s also possible to set the house level to be the place the Distant Controller is at the moment positioned. One state of affairs for this is able to be when overlaying areas quickly whereas in a automobile or on a ship.

To replace the house level to the distant controller, whereas within the “Replace House Level Map”:

Faucet the Distant Controller icon. The House Level will then be set to the precise location the place the RC is at the moment.

Picture Credit score: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

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AR Settings

The Air 3 advantages from the inclusion of AR (augmented actuality), displaying on-screen overlays to help with house level identification and return-to-home capabilities.

Picture Credit score: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

With Present AR House Level choices on, you will notice a digital H on the Dwell View display screen representing the Air 3 house level, which could be seen in all the map views.

With the Present AR Return-to-House route possibility enabled, there’s a inexperienced path displaying what route the Air 3 will take to RTH.

Lastly, when touchdown, there’s additionally a digital “Air 3” on-screen displaying the place the Air 3 will precisely land. That is known as Present AR Plane Shadow.

Flight Safety

This part is used to outline how far and excessive the Air 3 will fly at any given time. Though our intention could also be to remain throughout the confines of the legislation, when in flight, this is perhaps tough to take care of.

Picture Credit score: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

Max Altitude

In case you are in america, as a result of it’s unlawful to fly above 400 ft, it’s possible you’ll select to set the Max Altitude to something below 400 ft.

In case you are in a rustic that regulates the utmost altitude which you can fly, likewise you’ll wish to set that quantity right here.

Max Distance

Moreover, you may also set the most distance. In case you are involved about flying too far out, you possibly can set the worth to any quantity you’d like. If distance isn’t a priority, this may be set to No Restrict.

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Superior Security Settings

Superior security settings decide how the Air 3 behaves when the Air 3 disconnects from the distant controller.

Disconnects can happen attributable to variants within the setting, comparable to tall bushes, mountains, canyons, and even sign interference and loss attributable to buildings.

Sign Misplaced

Picture Credit score: Dan Bayne/Droneblog

Sign loss choices are as follows:

  • RTH – The Air 3 will return to the house level, whatever the environment.
  • Descend – The Air 3 will descend and land, even when the sign was misplaced over water.
  • Hover – The Air 3 will keep in a single place till it receives enter from you. You could have to go to the situation of the Air 3 to regain a connection.

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