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Find out how to Construct a Barcode Generator Utilizing SwiftUI

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I not too long ago acquired a query from a pal relating to barcode era utilizing Swift. The CoreImage framework offers handy built-in APIs for creating varied forms of barcodes, together with QR codes. On this tutorial, we’ll discover how one can leverage SwiftUI and these highly effective APIs to develop your very personal barcode generator.

Let’s first check out the ultimate consequence. It’s a really elementary barcode era app with easy UIs. While you enter textual content into the designated area, the app immediately generates the corresponding barcode utilizing the Code 128 format, which is used for alphanumeric or numeric-only barcodes.


Creating the Barcode Generator

Assuming you might have created a brand new SwiftUI mission in Xcode, open the ContentView.swift file. Begin by importing the required package deal for utilizing the filters:

Subsequent, we create a BarcodeGenerator struct for producing the barcode:

To create the barcode, we declare two variables: the context and the Code 128 generator. In the event you discover the CIFilter class, you’ll uncover different code turbines such because the QR code generator and the Aztec code generator. Nonetheless, for this demonstration, we are going to give attention to utilizing the Code 128 barcode generator.

The generateBarcode methodology accepts a string enter and returns the generated barcode picture. Throughout the methodology, we first initialize the code128BarcodeGenerator and assign the enter textual content to its message property. Because the message property expects Knowledge, we convert the enter textual content to Knowledge. Subsequently, we retrieve the generated barcode picture from the outputImage property of the generator.

For the reason that ensuing picture is of kind CIImage, we make the most of the createCGImage methodology of the context to transform it to a CGImage. We then proceed with extra steps to transform it into an Picture.

Constructing the Consumer Interface

Now that we’ve got completed constructing the barcode generator, let’s transfer on to growing the person interface for displaying the barcode picture.

First, declare the next properties in ContentView for the enter textual content and the barcode generator:

For the person interface, let’s hold it easy and lay out all of the views in a VStack like this:

On the display screen, we’ve got a textual content area that captures person enter. In direction of the underside of the display screen, the app shows the generated barcode. In case there is no such thing as a person enter, we present a default picture with the caption “Unknown information.”

That’s it! It is best to now be capable of take a look at the app within the preview pane. Merely enter any textual content within the textual content area, and the app will robotically generate the barcode on the fly.



This tutorial offers a complete information on constructing a barcode generator utilizing the CoreImage framework and SwiftUI. Whereas the main target is on making a Code 128 barcode, you possibly can simply modify the code to help a number of forms of barcodes together with QR codes.

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