goal c – iOS 17 crash with presenting modal view controller on itself utilizing deprecated keyWindow

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For the reason that improve from iOS 15 to iOS 17, my iPad app has been crashing when I attempt to show modal popovers with the next error and I’m unable to resolve the difficulty:

*** Terminating app on account of uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', motive: 'Software tried to current modal view controller on itself. Presenting controller is <VolumeVC: 0x7fc81882c520>.'

For context, I have been utilizing the next utility class all through my app to first get the highest most view controller within the window in order that I can then show a modal popover with a view controller in it.


+ (UIViewController*)topViewController {
    UIViewController *topVC = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] keyWindow].rootViewController;
    NSLog(@"Utility::topViewController(): topVC is: %@", topVC);
    int countLoops = 0;
    whereas (topVC.presentedViewController != nil) {
        topVC = topVC.presentedViewController;
        NSLog(@"Utility::topViewController(): In loop, topVC is: %@, countLoops is: %i", topVC, countLoops);
        if (countLoops > 25) { break; }
    return topVC;

+ (void)showDialogiPad:(UIViewController *)contentVC
       fromPresentingVC:(UIViewController *)presentingVC
                 inView:(UIView *)view
          withDirection:(UIPopoverArrowDirection)path {
    // Select the presentation type through which the content material is displayed in a popover view
    contentVC.modalPresentationStyle = UIModalPresentationPopover;
    // Set the popover dimension, anchor location and path
    contentVC.popoverPresentationController.sourceRect = body;
    contentVC.popoverPresentationController.sourceView = view;
    contentVC.popoverPresentationController.permittedArrowDirections = path;
    // Set the arrow path for the popover
    popoverVC.permittedArrowDirections = path;
    // Current the popover presentation controller
    [presentingVC presentViewController:contentVC animated:YES completion:nil];

An instance of how this will get referred to as from elsewhere within the code is the next:

    // Present the amount view controller in a popover
    [Utility showDialogiPad:volumeVC // volumeVC is a simple view controller I want to show in the popup
        fromPresentingVC:[Utility topViewController]

A couple of notes:

  • This code will work 1 to N instances of opening & closing the popover however it should all the time finally crash as of iOS 17. The crash all the time appears to occur once I open and shut the popover shortly in succession.
  • body and view are all the time populated with the proper values, and volumeVC and presentingVC are all the time non-nil once I print them out within the Utility::showDialogiPad dialog methodology.
  • When it crashes, the output of the debug statements in + (UIViewController*)topViewController are:
Utility::topViewController(): topVC is: <UITabBarController: 0x7fc22d81ae00>
Utility::topViewController(): In loop, topVC is: <VolumeVC: 0x7fc22d01f460>, countLoops is: 0
  • The principle window of the app is a UITabBarController with a UISplitViewController in every tab.
  • This app doesn’t have a number of scenes in it nor does it use UIWindowScene.
  • I do know keyWindow is deprecated as of iOS 13. Once I substitute the topViewController code with the next:
+ (UIViewController*)topViewController {
    UIWindowScene *windowScene = (UIWindowScene *)[UIApplication sharedApplication].connectedScenes.allObjects.firstObject;
    UIViewController *topVC = windowScene.home windows.firstObject.rootViewController;    
    return topVC;

It can work 1 to N instances however finally it should crash with this error:

*** Terminating app on account of uncaught exception 'NSGenericException', motive: 'UIPopoverPresentationController (<UIPopoverPresentationController: 0x7ff05c156890>) ought to have a non-nil sourceView or barButtonItem set earlier than the presentation happens.'

Thanks for any help with this.

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