How one can Use Stars in Google Sheets to Streamline Scoring

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Sort @score so as to add a wise chip in Google Sheets on the internet for a viewer-friendly solution to show zero-to-five star scores.

Google Sheets enables you to enter star scores in cells with a wise chip. Since many individuals discover stars simpler to distinguish at a look than a listing of numbers, this characteristic could also be helpful wherever you need to charge merchandise, options, media, apps, locations or companies. The characteristic gives the identical type of 5-star format utilized in Android and Apple app shops and at Amazon, Uber and Yelp.

You might format cells for star scores in Google Sheets on the internet. As soon as formatted, it’s possible you’ll choose and enter a score both in Google Sheets on the internet or within the Google Sheets cell apps on Apple or Android units.

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How one can format a cell for stars in Google Sheets

Working with stars in a Google Sheet is a two-part course of. First, you configure a cell to indicate stars, and then you definately or your collaborators can enter a star score. To format a cell for scores:

  1. Open a Google Sheet in an online browser.
  2. Place your cursor in a Google Sheet cell.
  3. Sort @score and press return or enter to pick out the star score part from the sensible chip menu (Determine A). The newly formatted cell defaults to a numerical worth of zero and shows no stars.

Determine A

In Google Sheets on the web, use the @rating smart chip to format a cell for star ratings.
Determine A. In Google Sheets on the internet, use the @score sensible chip to format a cell for star scores. Picture: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic

How one can enter a star score in Google Sheets

As soon as a cell has been formatted to show a star score, it’s possible you’ll enter the score both on the internet or in Google Sheets on a cell machine.

To enter stars whereas in an online browser, comparable to Google Chrome:

  1. Click on or faucet on the cell formatted for stars.
  2. From the six menu choices that show, choose anyplace from 0 to five stars with a click on or faucet (Determine B).

Determine B

In Google Sheets on the web, select an @rating cell, then choose a star rating option.
Determine B. In Google Sheets on the internet, choose an @score cell, then select a star score choice. Picture: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic

To enter stars within the Google Sheets cell app on Android, iPhone or iPad:

  1. Double faucet on a cell formatted for stars.
  2. Choose the variety of stars (i.e., 0 to five) you need to enter from the record that shows. You might have to scroll down the record a bit to faucet on the upper numbers (i.e., 4 and 5) (Determine C).

Determine C

In the Google Sheets mobile app, tap an @rating cell, then scroll and tap to select the number of desired stars.
Determine C. Within the Google Sheets cell app, faucet an @score cell, then scroll and faucet to pick out the variety of desired stars. Picture: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic

How one can use a number of formulation to judge star scores

Scores in Google Sheets are mirrored because the numbers zero to 5, which implies it’s possible you’ll get hold of values from every star score cell. The next formulation may also help you consider a variety of star scores in Google Sheets (Determine D).

Determine D

Since each rating corresponds to a number between 0 and 5, you may perform calculations with ratings such as MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, MEDIAN or MODE.
Determine D. Since every score corresponds to a quantity between 0 and 5, it’s possible you’ll carry out calculations with scores comparable to MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, MEDIAN or MODE. Picture: Andy Wolber/TechRepublic

What are the bottom and highest scores?

The Min and Max formulation return the bottom and highest numbers from a set, respectively. For instance:


The distinction between the Min and Max signifies the complete vary of individuals’s scores. For instance, a Min of three and a Max of 4 signifies settlement on a mid-range rating from responders, in comparison with a Min of 1 and a Max of 5, which alerts a wider vary of scores.

What’s the common score?

The common of a set of stars will likely be someplace between 0 and 5, and may point out the general consensus throughout all scores. When evaluating two scores, the upper common typically displays total greater scores. To calculate the common, the system provides all scores, then divides the overall by the variety of scores acquired. For instance:


What’s the center score?

The median is the worth that separates a set in half, with half of the scores above the median and half of the scores under it. In distinction to the common, which could be affected by a number of extraordinarily excessive or low scores, you would possibly consider the median as reliably reflecting the center of a set. To acquire the median, use a method comparable to:


What score was most supplied?

Mode returns the score most steadily present in a set. For instance, in a set of 10 scores, if 4 of these are two stars, three are 4 stars, and three are 5 stars, the mode could be two stars. For instance:


In contrast to the above formulation, which is able to all the time return a consequence, Mode may not. For instance, in a set of 10 scores, if two individuals every rated objects one, two, three, 4 and 5 stars, there could be no mode. Since every of the doable scores would have acquired two outcomes, there could be no single score that acquired essentially the most. Equally, if star scores are break up between two numbers (e.g., 5 individuals rated an merchandise as 4 stars, and 5 individuals rated it as 5 stars), once more, there could be no mode.

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