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Importing Net-based SwiftPM packages to your Xcode Playground — Erica Sadun

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I’ve been kicking the wheels on Xcode 12 and its means to make use of frameworks and packages with playgrounds. Up till now, I’ve solely been in a position to import packages which can be both downloaded or developed regionally on my residence system. Nevertheless, a number of the packages I need to work with are hosted from GitHub.

I made a decision to observe a hunch and see if I may import my dependency by way of a neighborhood Forwarding bundle after which use that code. Lengthy story brief: I may.

Right here’s my playground, efficiently working.

The RuntimeImplementation is said in a GitHub-hosted bundle known as Swift-Common-Utility:

What I did to make this work was that I created what I known as a Forwarding Utility, whose sole job is to create a shell bundle that is dependent upon the distant bundle and forwards it to the playground. It appears like this. It’s a single file known as “Forwarding.swift” (no, the identify is in no way magic.) in Sources/. I take advantage of @_exported to ahead the import.

 Use this to ahead web-based dependencies to Swift Pkg

@_exported import GeneralUtility

Its Package deal.swift installs the dependency:

    dependencies: [ .package(url: "", .exact("0.0.4")), ],
    targets: [
            name: "ForwardingUtility",
            dependencies: [ .product(name: "GeneralUtility"), ],
            path: "Sources/"

And that’s just about all that there’s to it, aside from (as I discussed in my different submit about use SwiftPM packages in playground workspaces) that you’ll have to stop and re-open the primary beta earlier than you’ll be able to import the forwarding.

Let me know something that I tousled. But additionally let me know if this was useful to you!

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