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ios – make Expo stack traces extra readable?

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My Expo app is throwing an error on the iOS simulator, and I am struggling to determine the place it is taking place in my code. The stack hint seems to be like this:

ReferenceError: Property 'id' would not exist
    at nameless (
    at tryCallTwo (/Customers/distiller/react-native/packages/react-native/sdks/hermes/build_iphonesimulator/lib/InternalBytecode/InternalBytecode.js:61:9)
    at doResolve (/Customers/distiller/react-native/packages/react-native/sdks/hermes/build_iphonesimulator/lib/InternalBytecode/InternalBytecode.js:216:25)
    at Promise (/Customers/distiller/react-native/packages/react-native/sdks/hermes/build_iphonesimulator/lib/InternalBytecode/InternalBytecode.js:82:14)
    at nameless (
    at nameless (
    at nameless (
    at nextTick (
    at tryCallOne (/Customers/distiller/react-native/packages/react-native/sdks/hermes/build_iphonesimulator/lib/InternalBytecode/InternalBytecode.js:53:16)
    at nameless (/Customers/distiller/react-native/packages/react-native/sdks/hermes/build_iphonesimulator/lib/InternalBytecode/InternalBytecode.js:139:27)
    at apply (native)
    at nameless (
    at _callTimer (
    at _callReactNativeMicrotasksPass (
    at callReactNativeMicrotasks (
    at __callReactNativeMicrotasks (
    at nameless (
    at __guard (
    at flushedQueue (
    at callFunctionReturnFlushedQueue (

I believe I am trying to find the incorrect issues, as a result of all the pieces I learn says Metro “generates sourcemaps by default” and gives methods to STOP doing that, clearly not my use case right here.

Wanting simply chopping out logical blocks of code and including console.logs in every single place (which I have been doing and it simply appears like boiling the ocean), how can I isolate the supply of this error? Is there a method to make this stack hint extra readable?

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