ios – Restore UIKit app to prior state when opened

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I am engaged on a easy app that presently has only one fundamental view controller plus a settings view controller.

The settings view controller is embedded inside a navigation controller and has 2-3 inside view controllers (totally different settings pages).

Present app habits:

  • I am in one of many settings screens
  • I reduce the app/transfer it to the background and open one other app for a second
  • I return to the app, which reloads into the primary view controller (i.e. the display the person would see if they simply launched the app)

Desired app habits:

  • When returning to the app, reload into whichever display was final getting used (e.g. if I used to be in one of many settings screens, load into that one once more)

I learn this documentation and applied the next code in my app delegate:

func utility(_ utility: UIApplication, shouldSaveSecureApplicationState coder: NSCoder) -> Bool
    return true

func utility(_ utility: UIApplication, shouldRestoreSecureApplicationState coder: NSCoder) -> Bool
    return true


I additionally made certain that every one my view controllers have a Restoration ID within the storyboard builder of Xcode.

The documentation mentions overriding the next capabilities in relevant view controllers: encodeRestorableState(with coder: NSCoder) and decodeRestorableState(with coder: NSCoder), however I am undecided if this precisely applies to my app.

Within the settings view controllers, there isn’t a such data the person can be typing in or modifications they may make apart from doing issues like toggling switches. These modifications can be saved to UserDefaults, so so long as the app reloads into these screens, their modifications can be mirrored nonetheless.

How can I get my app to reload into whichever display it was on when minimized, as an alternative of all the time reloading into the preliminary view controller?

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