ios – TabView is exhibiting toolbar, though I’ve it marked hidden, setting web page type causes clipping

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I’ve a TabView that comprises a customized PageView which is merely a ScrollView and that ScrollView comprises a number of some View objects. Your entire factor is wrapped in a NavigationStack, and for each web page, there’s a new view added to my TabView.

 NavigationStack {
        TabView(choice: $selectedPageIndex) {
            ForEach(appConfig.pages.indices, id: .self) { index in
                let web page = appConfig.pages[index]
                PageView(topPadding: $navBarHeight,
                         bottomPadding: $tabBarHeight,
                         web page: web page)
                .toolbar(.hidden, for: .tabBar)
        .overlay {
            VStack {
                    .getHeight(peak: $navBarHeight)
                TabBar(selectedPageIndex: $selectedPageIndex)
                    .getHeight(peak: $tabBarHeight)

I’ve this bizarre habits, the place if I alter the selectedPageIndex just a few occasions, the .toolbar reappears. This occurs on the canvas, simulator, or actual machine. As pictured right here.

Toolbar is hidden, but it still reappears.

The second drawback I am working into is that I want this TabView to be “Fullscreen” as I am utilizing it to host my pages, and in impact making a customized NavigationBar and TabBar with it is personal gadgets. Every time I try so as to add .ignoresSafeArea() together with .tabViewStyle(.web page(indexDisplayMode: .by no means)) altering the selectedPageIndex “Typically” works, however principally simply would not do something.

.tabViewStyle(.web page(indexDisplayMode: .by no means))
.overlay {

As a substitute now, the underlying view, is clipped in an surprising method, moderately than extending the complete peak of the view. It is also current within the canvas, simulator, and actual machine.

Notice that the view is not extending fully, to the bottom of the screen.

Oddly, at any time when I load it for the primary time, every little thing renders as you’d count on, the underside is just not clipped. I can use drag gestures to swap the tab, and even choose the brand new tab with the TabBar, nevertheless instantly, the view jumps up and begins clipping, as if the body modified on it is personal. As a way to repair it, I need to reset the view.

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