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javascript – The video space of videoJS is being obscured by the subtitle panel solely on iPhones

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The difficulty you might be dealing with with the subtitle management panel being obscured by the video space on iPhones in portrait mode whereas utilizing videoJS will be associated to the stacking context and z-index of the weather concerned. Listed here are just a few options to assist resolve the issue:

Examine the z-index values: Make sure that the subtitle management panel and different {custom} elements have the next z-index worth than the video ingredient. You’ll be able to set the z-index explicitly for these parts utilizing CSS to make sure they seem above the video. For instance:

.subtitle-control-panel {
  z-index: 9999; /* or any greater worth */

.custom-component {
  z-index: 9999; /* or any greater worth */

Use place:relative or place:absolute: Apply place:relative or place:absolute to the subtitle management panel and different {custom} elements. Typically, the default place:static may cause points with the stacking order. Experiment with completely different positioning choices to see if it helps in resolving the problem.

Alter the stacking context: Components with the next stacking context will seem above parts with a decrease stacking context. If the video ingredient has the next stacking context than the subtitle management panel, it could trigger the problem. You’ll be able to strive adjusting the stacking context of the video and subtitle management panel parts by making use of place:relative or place:absolute together with the next z-index worth to the father or mother ingredient of the subtitle management panel.

Examine for any father or mother parts with overflow or clipping: If any father or mother parts of the subtitle management panel or video have overflow:hidden or are making use of another clipping habits, it’d have an effect on the visibility of the subtitle panel. Ensure that the father or mother parts do not need any unintended clipping or overflow settings that would cover the subtitle management panel.

Take a look at with the newest model of videoJS: Though you talked about that you’re utilizing videoJS 8.3.0, it is value checking if there are any newer variations accessible. Upgrading to the newest model of videoJS would possibly embrace bug fixes or enhancements that would doubtlessly resolve the problem.

Contemplate different approaches: If the problem persists, you may think about different approaches to displaying the subtitle management panel. For instance, you may strive positioning the subtitle management panel exterior the video space, overlaying it on high of the video ingredient utilizing absolute positioning. This manner, it will not be affected by the z-index or stacking context of the video ingredient.

Take a look at on completely different iOS variations: It is potential that the problem is particular to sure iOS variations or Safari browser variations. Take a look at your {custom} net video participant on completely different iOS variations and Safari browser variations to see if the problem persists or if it is particular to a selected setting.

If none of those options resolve the problem, it is likely to be useful to offer extra particulars, such because the HTML and CSS code associated to the video participant and subtitle management panel, or any particular error messages or warnings you encounter. This info can help in additional figuring out the reason for the issue.

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