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swift – iOS Share sheet extension does not present my app within the prompt record

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I’ve added a iOS share extension in my React Native app and it was working and immediately it has stopped working.
This is how my Data.plist file appears like:

<?xml model="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist model="1.0">
              <!--TODO: Add this flag, if you wish to help sharing video into your app-->
             <!--TODO: Add this flag, if you wish to help sharing photographs into your app-->

My fundamental appgroup and extension appgroup names are identical, and the deployment goal model can be identical for each and appdelegate file can be configured to deal with photographs, however I nonetheless cannot see my app within the share extension suggestion. can somebody please assist me clear up this?

Once I run the share extension from xcode and check out share a picture file I get this error log:

Did not request default share mode for fileURL:file:///Customers/zerodev/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Gadgets/6F5B70E6-6AE4-43FB-B5BC-82C38DFB35CD/information/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/D2A5F375-D254-49F6-8FD4-D7938B094F67/Filepercent20Providerpercent20Storage/Downloads/dance-studio-invoice-design/7455237.jpg error:Error Area=NSOSStatusErrorDomain Code=-10814 "(null)" UserInfo={_LSLine=1608, _LSFunction=runEvaluator}

Solely help loading choices for CKShare and SWY varieties.

[ERROR] did not get service endpoint creating for for merchandise at URL file:///Customers/zerodev/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Gadgets/6F5B70E6-6AE4-43FB-B5BC-82C38DFB35CD/information/Containers/Shared/AppGroup/D2A5F375-D254-49F6-8FD4-D7938B094F67/Filepercent20Providerpercent20Storage/Downloads/dance-studio-invoice-design/7455237.jpg: Error Area=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3328 "The requested operation couldn’t be accomplished as a result of the function will not be supported."

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