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The way to Create a Checkbox in SwiftUI Utilizing ToggleStyle

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The SwiftUI framework comes with a built-in checkbox, nevertheless it’s solely obtainable on the macOS platform. If you wish to use checkboxes on iOS, it’s important to construct your individual part. Beforehand, we’ve coated ToggleStyle to create customized toggles. By making use of the identical method, it’s not laborious to construct a checkbox to your iOS initiatives.

Utilizing Checkbox on macOS

Let’s first have a look how you employ checkbox on macOS. To create a checkbox, you create a Toggle view and alter it to the .checkbox model. Right here is an instance:

Should you run the code on macOS, it renders a typical checkbox.

SwiftUI checkbox for macOS

Creating Checkbox Toggle Fashion on iOS

The .checkbox model doesn’t include the iOS SDK. That stated, it’s fairly simple to create this kind of toggle model utilizing the ToggleStyle protocol. If you wish to know work with ToggleStyle, please take a look at our earlier tutorial.

On iOS, we are able to create a brand new model named CheckboxToggleStyle which adopts the ToggleStyle protocol and implement the required technique:

Within the makebody technique, we used a RoundedRectangle view and overlay it with a “checkmark” picture when the toggle is enabled.


To make use of this toggle model, you merely connect the toggleStyle modifier and go an occasion of CheckboxToggleStyle like this:

If you wish to use the dot-syntax, you’ll be able to lengthen ToggleStyle and declare a corresponding static variable like this:

Now you’ll be able to apply the model utilizing the dot syntax.


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